Install Symon / Symux + Syweb on FreeBSD 7.2

Symon is a useful tool that collect data like cpu/bandwidth/whatever usage and display it with nice graphs, like this for example:

First of all, install symon! Since it haven’t configuration options you can use pkg_add -r symon or go to /usr/ports/sysutils/symon and run make install clean.
After a succesful installation, you have to copy your default symon.conf and symux.conf to etc/ directory.
If you have installed symon with the default prefix (/usr/local) you have simply to do
cp /usr/local/share/examples/symon/sym* /usr/local/etc/
Now edit the configuration files, symon.conf and symux.conf.

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Backup all MySQL databases and other important stuff on FreeBSD

This is the (bash) script that i use for backup all MySQL databases and other important stuffs like etc/ dir, configuration files in /usr/local/etc and whatever you want.
As you can see, it’s launched 3 times a week by cron, on sunday, wednesday and friday at 23:55. It create a list of installed packages, dump all MySQL databases, sync important files and dirs with rsync and finally create a tar.gz of backupped files.
It would be interesting add one cool thing, after tar.gz is done it could be copied via scp to another host (and it would be a better backup :P).

Actually i haven’t a pc running 24/7 (old good OpenBSD gateway, i miss you!!) and i download manually the tar.gz the morning after (shame on me) :P
NB: MySQL backup part is partially taken from a GREAT MySQL backup script and adapted to my needs. Script is from

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