ssh public-key authentication

Categories: BSD, Linux

I forgot it again, so… First of all you have to create the keys: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 You can leave the password field blank. Copy your fresh public key (.pub) in your remote server/machine, renaming it in “authorized_keys“: scp ~/.ssh/ If your authorized_keys already exist just append the public key to the […]

Google Chrome 10 is out

Categories: Interwebz, Linux, Slackware

23 security fix, javascript performance improved, GPU acceleration and more… I’ve just upgraded it in my Slackware (thanks to and.. WOW! It’s faster than ever! Plus, i like the new setting interface tab, instead of the popup window. I think they could add a search bar in the password manager, too… A disappointing thing: There’s […]

Apache virtualhost: redirect a vhost from port 80 to 443 (ssl)

Categories: Interwebz, Linux

To redirect access to starndard www port to https one you’ve to change the default vhost configuration from VirtualHost *:80 to VirtualHost *:443 and add the “redirect section”: I’ve added this: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName ServerAlias <Location /> Redirect permanent / </Location> </VirtualHost> And changed the “old” section from :80 to :443: <VirtualHost […]