FreeNAS 0.7 live: fix the annoying IPTOS_LOWDELAY error

If you are tired of this error in log:

smbd[16703]: [2009/12/13 10:26:43, 0] lib/util_sock.c:set_socket_options(237)
smbd[16703]: Unknown socket option IPTOS_LOWDELAY

you have to do a little trick on /etc/rc.dsamba to remove “IPTOS_LOWDELAY” in socket options, doing this (you can add those lines to a script and make it launched after boot, like explained in this article):

sed 's/IPTOS_LOWDELAY//' /etc/rc.d/samba > /etc/rc.d/samba2
mv /etc/rc.d/samba2 /etc/rc.d/samba
chmod +x /etc/rc.d/samba
/etc/rc.d/samba restart

That’s all.

FreeNAS 0.7 live: how to install packages (like mldonkey)

If you want to install FreeBSD packages on FreeNAS live you have to “move” your /usr/local directory where you have more space.
This is what you have to do to install mldonkey, for example:
Create a directory local inside your storage:
mkdir /data/local
now copy the content of the current local directory to the new one:
cp -a /usr/local/ /data/local/
and link it in it’s new place, after removing the old one:
rm -r /usr/local
ln -s /data/local /usr/local

Now your /usr/local dir have more spaces and you can install whatever you want. I’ve installed mldonkey with
pkg_add -r
(since FreeNAS it’s based on FreeBSD 7.2) then i’ve moved my home dir to the storage doing the same things above.
NB: mldonkey needs, you can download it from here and you have to copy it at boot time in /usr/lib.
To have all the jobs done at startup you’ve to create a simple script (and put it in your storage, i’ve created mine in /data dir):

rm -r /usr/local
ln -s /data/local /usr/local
rm -r /usr/home/simplex
ln -s /data/simplex /usr/home/simplex
cp /data/ /usr/lib

Now chmod +x the script and tell FreeNAS to launch it after boot.
Go to System->Advanced->Command scripts and add the command sh /data/ or whatever you’ve called it and set type PostInit.
I’ve also added screen to launch mlnet inside it.
Enjoy mldonkey on FreeNAS!