Linux: use a file as an encrypted partition with cryptsetup

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I’ve decided to move my encrypted /home partition from losetup to cryptsetup. Instead of using a device (a disk partition) i used a 1o GB file and to do this i’ve upgraded cryptsetup to version 1.3.1 since Slackware 13.37 has the 1.2.0 one. I just compiled the new version using the 1.2.0 SlackBuild, it works. […]

Linux: use a file as an encrypted partition with losetup

Categories: Linux, Slackware

On my notebook i’ve decided to have a / partition and a cripted home for my user, automagically mounted at boot. That’s what you need to do, after a fresh Slackware 13.1 installation: Create the user: adduser username then the file to mount as home partition: dd if=/dev/zero of=/cryptedfile bs=1k count=5000 load the cryptoloop module: […]

Install Slackware 13.0 on Acer Aspire One AO751h

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If you have tried to install Slackware on this netbook… …you know that default installer doesn’t see the hard disk, because the kernel needs support for Intel US15W chipset :/. But there’s a workaround for us, we need to insert in the kernel the module that allows chipset work properly. You have to download the […]